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Table 1 Safety questionnaire and the median score (interquartile range) on a 5-point Likert scale for each statement given by the participants of IG

From: Foot-ankle functional outcomes of using the Diabetic Foot Guidance System (SOPeD) for people with diabetic neuropathy: a feasibility study for the single-blind randomized controlled FOotCAre (FOCA) trial I

1o Domain—Risk Median (IQR) (n = 6)
I had the feeling of losing my balance when performing the exercises. 5.0 (4.25–5.0)
I was afraid of falling while performing the exercises. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
I felt pain or discomfort that prevented me from completing the series of exercises. 5.0 (4.25–5.0)
I had to lean on stable objects to balance myself while performing exercises. 4.5 (4.0–5.0)
I needed help from someone else when performing exercises. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
I performed the exercises in a lighted environment. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
I removed from the environment where I did the exercises all objects on the floor, especially sharp or piercing objects. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
Before performing the exercises, I observed the condition of the floor to avoid slippery, dirty floors, floors with holes and/or rugs. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
After performing the exercises, my feet showed redness and/or burning. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
2o Domain—Comprehension  
I had difficulty understanding how to perform the exercises. 4.5 (4.0–5.0)
The guidance on the exercises was sufficient to understand how to perform them. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
I was able to understand and use the effort scale after each exercise. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
The general information of the software was clear enough for its use. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
I was able to understand and mark the occurrences of my feet (such as the presence of crack, blister, and callus, for example). 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
I was able to understand and carry out the self-assessment questionnaires. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
3o Domain—Usability  
I had difficulty using the software. 5.0 (4.25–5.0)
I was able to use all the features and functionality present in the software. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)
I was able to follow all the recommended guidelines. 5.0 (5.0–5.0)