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Table 2 Summary of the C-LACE study sequence and methodology

From: Prophylactic perioperative cefuroxime levels in plasma and adipose tissue at the time of caesarean section (C-LACE): a protocol for a pilot experimental, prospective study with non-probability sampling to determine interpatient variability

Timing Activity
Caesarean section booking clinic Clinic list will be reviewed for eligible participants using the screening form
On the day of caesarean section A Venflon cannula will be inserted into the woman as part of the research process to enable withdrawal of the required blood samples without the need for additional needles. This second access point will ensure that the blood sampling is minimally disruptive to the CS procedure.
At 30–40 days post-caesarean section Participant’s medical file and notes will be reviewed by the research midwife to identify any post-surgical site infection which will be recorded on the 6-week outcome form. Research midwife will attempt to contact the participant 3 times between 30 and 40 days post-CS to complete the follow-up interview form.
Samples analysis Blood and adipose tissue will be analysed by LC-MS/MS [15]
  1. GCP Good Clinical Practice, CS Caesarean section, LC-MS/MS liquid Chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry