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Table 1 An overview of the content of internet based ERITA

From: An internet-based emotion regulation intervention versus no intervention for nonsuicidal self-injury in adolescents: study protocol for a feasibility trial

Adolescent intervention (module content) Parent program (module content)
(1) Functions of non-suicidal self-injury (1) Psychoeducation
(2) Impulse control  
(3) Functionality of emotions and emotional awareness (2) Emotional awareness
(4) Primary vs. secondary emotions  
(5) Emotional avoidance / unwillingness vs. emotional acceptance / willingness (3) Validation and invalidation
(6) Non-avoidant emotion regulation strategies  
(7) Implementing emotional approach and non-avoidant emotion regulation strategies (4) Self-validation and self-invalidation
(8) Validation and emotional approach  
(9) Valued direction (5) How to improve parenting in the long run / behavioral activation
(10) Repetition  
(11) Relapse prevention (6) Summary and evaluation