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Table 3 Implementation outcomes for delivery of PST

From: Brief problem-solving therapy for antenatal depressive symptoms in primary care in rural Ethiopia: protocol for a randomised, controlled feasibility trial

Implementation outcomes Data source Feasibility success Timing
Feasibility of PST
▪ Completion of PST activities (homework) Clinical logs Completion of homework (80%) During intervention
▪ Practical administrative and resource challenges to conduct the study (e.g. budget requirements, time, space, staff, skill, intervention materials) Semi-structured interviews with participants and healthcare providers, FGD with supervisors and research assistants   During intervention
▪ All adverse events, including both expected and unexpected (identification, documentation, referral and reporting) Administrative data (notes in routine clinical data), participant self-report, identified if the woman drops out of the study. 5% or less report of Adverse Events During intervention
Fidelity (adherence of therapist to contents, methods and ethical standards) Audio rating using adherence/fidelity checklist, supervision records More than 80% adherence During intervention
Acceptability of intervention delivery
• Participants’ satisfaction with therapeutic services Helping alliance questionnaire (HAQ) [78]   After intervention
• Suitability of measures Proceedings of weekly supervision meeting and FGD with research assistants   During intervention
▪ Provider and service user perception In-depth interviews (participants and healthcare providers) [79]   After intervention
▪ Relevance of the intervention In-depth interviews (participants and healthcare providers) [79], session records.   After intervention
▪ Retention and follow up rates, number and duration of sessions attended Administrative data 50% or more women complete sessions During intervention
Appropriateness and Sustainability of intervention In-depth interviews (participants and healthcare providers) [79]   After intervention
Implementation costs locally adapted Client Service Receipt Inventory (CSRI) [73]) and administrative data   During/post intervention
Implementation strategy (task-shared psychological intervention) Therapist competence to deliver PST (ENACT scale [56, 57]) 90% or more done well (3 points) on each item