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Table 1 RECALL components, dosage and task progression

From: A classroom intervention targeting working memory, attention and language skills: a cluster randomised feasibility trial

Executive-loaded task Dosage Task progression
Listening recall [25]
- Targets verbal ELWM.
- The children listen to a short sentence, judge whether it is true or false, then recall the last word of the sentence
11 trials (practice items) per session. The number of to-be-remembered words increases from one word in week one to two words by week 6.
Odd one out [25]
- Targets verbal ELWM
- The children look at three pictures in a grid, decide where the odd one out is (left, middle or right), then recall the location of the odd one out picture
11 trials per session. The number of to-be-remembered locations increases from one in week one, to three or four by week 6.
Phoneme awareness [40, 41]
- Targets the ability to isolate and manipulate sounds in spoken words, e.g., identifying the first sound in a word
10–15 min per session. Difficulty increases from alliterative matching to blending onset and rime.
Each task progresses from early to late developing phonemes based on typical speech sound development.