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Table 1 Interview topics for case study interviews

From: Vocational rehabilitation to enhance return to work after trauma (ROWTATE): protocol for a non-randomised single-arm mixed-methods feasibility study

Interview topics Interviewees
Patient OTs and CPs Employer Commissioner
Experiences (positive and negative) of ROWTATE intervention x x x  
Experiences and decision-making around returning to work (or not) post-injury (including aspects such as discrimination, transport issues, work-life balance) x    
Factors facilitating or hindering engagement with the intervention or return to work x x x x
Mechanisms considered important in determining key outcomes x x x  
Acceptability of the trial procedures x x   
Importance and acceptability of outcome measures x x x x
Perceived appropriateness of timing of return to work x x x  
Readiness to deliver the ROWTATE intervention following training   x   
Potential improvements to training   x   
Potential contamination issues   x   
Information on the employing organisation and its policies and practices to support return to work    x  
Potential improvements to the ROWTATE intervention   x x  
Policy drivers for commissioning vocational rehabilitation     x
Service quality factors and contracting issues of importance     x