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Table 2 Phases of the quality improvement project—summary

From: Improving nursing documentation for surgical patients in a referral hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone: protocol for assessing feasibility of a pilot multifaceted quality improvement hybrid type project

Phase name Phase main components Timeline
Pre-implementation 1. Set up of QINDT
2. Equipment donation
3. Review of hospital currentnursing documentation policiesand forms
January–December 2020
 Intervention 1. Awareness drive for all hospital HCS
2. Training package for surgical nurses
3. Audit and feedback process for nursingdocumentation
Each is delivered using the PDSA cyclemethodology
January 2021–February 2021
March 2021–April 2021
May–June 2021
Evaluation of the entire project Baseline data collection
Endline data collection
Sustainability assessment
6 months post-intervention
  1. *There will be one PDSA cycle for each of the three interventional components. However, each PDSA cycle will be repeated if further improvement needs to be made