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Table 2 Modified multimodal exercise prescription for individuals with bone metastases [14]

From: Evaluating a web- and telephone-based personalised exercise intervention for individuals living with metastatic prostate cancer (ExerciseGuide): protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

Metastasis Location Resistance Aerobic Flexibility
Upper Trunk Lower WB NWB  
Proximal humerus   d
Cervical spine a   c
Thoracic spine/ribs a   c
Lumbar spine     c
Pelvis b   c
Proximal femur    e
  1. WB weight bearing (walking); NWB non-weight bearing (water walking; cycling)
  2. Target exercise region
  3. aExclusion of shoulder flexion/extension/abduction/adduction—inclusion of elbow flexion/extension
  4. bExclusion of hip extension/flexion—inclusion of knee extension/flexion
  5. cExclusion of spinal flexion/extension/rotation
  6. dExclusion of elbow flexion/extension
  7. eExclusion of knee flexion/extension