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Table 5 Progression criteria to a future confirmatory trial

From: Mobile telephone delivered contingency management for encouraging adherence to supervised methadone consumption: feasibility study for an RCT of clinical and cost-effectiveness (TIES)

  Progression criteria Achieved yes/no
1. Recruitment of 3 drug services Yes
2. Recruitment of 2–3 pharmacies per clinic Yes
3. 60 participants enrolled (20 from each clinic over 12 weeks) No, only 10 participants enrolled
4. 50% target patients (presenting to participating drug services for a new episode of OST) eligible and consented No, only 9% of target population were eligible and consented due to low numbers presenting for OST at all clinics and high numbers excluded due to receiving buprenorphine and not attending a participating pharmacy
5. > 95% consistency in recording of pharmacy attendance (comparing daily pharmacy dispensing records vs. patient self-login) Yes, achieved 96%
6. Rates of follow-up at 12 weeks (> 70%) Yes, achieved 90% (9/10)
7. Completion rates of economic data collection (> 70%) Yes, achieved 100%
8. Missing (< 10% missing data per questionnaire) Yes