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Table 2. Summary of variables, measures, and time points

From: A multi-component, community-engaged intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in perimenopausal Latinas: pilot study protocol

Variables and measurements 0 6 12 Alpha, ICC, κ
aProcess evaluation checklist (bi-monthly)  
aScreening and enrollment logs X X X  
aIntervention attendance X X X  
aData collection attendance X X X  
 Exit interview    X  
Health history questionnaire X X X
Sociocultural environmental
 Demographic questionnaire (e.g., age, education, occupation) X   
 Acculturation questionnaire (e.g., years in the US, language) X   
 Everyday Discrimination Scale [79] X    > .74
 Brief Resilience Scale [80] X    .83
 Perceived Stress Scale-4 [81, 82] X X X .84–.88
Built environment
 Neighborhood Risk Assessment X X X
 Physical Activity Resource Assessment X X X
Behavioral factors
 Food Behavior Checklist X X X
 Physical activity: Accelerometer for 7 days (24 h/day) X X X
 Global Physical Activity Questionnaire [83, 84] X X X r = 0.40b
 Adapted Women’s Health Initiative Insomnia Rating Scale [85,86,87] X X X .71–.86
 Eating Self-Efficacy Scale [88] X X X .88–.94
 Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale [89,90,91] X X X .86–.92
Biological outcomes (primary outcomes)
 Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure [92] X X X κ = 0.74
 Fasting glucose [93] X   X ICC = 0.98
 Fasting lipid profile [93] X   X ICC = 0.95
 Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity [94] X   X ICC = 0.94
Biological outcomes (secondary outcomes)
 Height, weight, BMI (secondary outcomes) X X X
 Waist circumference [95] X X X ICC = 0.99
 Hair cortisol and hsCRP X   X
 Vasomotor symptom questionnaire X X X
  1. Note: 0 baseline (T1); 6 6 months (T2, completion of Phase I and Phase II intervention), 12 12 months (T3, after 6 months of maintenance), ICC Intraclass correlation coefficient, κ kappa
  2. aCompleted by lead research assistant
  3. bCorrelation with accelerometer data