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Table 1 Overview of interventions sessions

From: A multi-component, community-engaged intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in perimenopausal Latinas: pilot study protocol

Session Learning session (60 min), physical activity (45 min), stress management (15 min) Handouts and activities
PHASE I: 12 weekly sessions
1 ILS: Are you at risk for heart disease? A Day with the Ramirez Family
  Stress management: Awareness mindfulness exercise  
2 ILS: Say Yes to Physical Activity Illustration of stretches and how to be physically active; Sample walking program
  Stress management: Breathing techniques  
3 ILS: Help your heart: Control your blood pressure Places to get a free blood pressure checks; Blood pressure log; Mariana’s food choices
  Stress management: Music/dance  
4 ILS: Keep your cholesterol in check Reading food labels and alternative recipes
  Stress management: Mindful stretches  
5 ILS: Aim for a health weight Tips to help control your weight; Healthy serving sizes; Reading food labels
  Stress management: Mindful eating  
6 ILS: Screening and understanding blood glucose; Healthier food choices to prevent diabetes; Stress management topic Places for glucose checks; “Am I at risk of type 2 diabetes?”
  Stress management: Body scan meditation  
7 ILS: Make heart-healthy eating a family affair Sample menus; Tips for busy families
  Stress management: Positive self-talk  
8 ILS: Eating healthy when time and money are tight Grocery list; Tips to save time and money; Tips for eating out heart-healthy
  Stress management: Adult coloring  
9 CST: Increasing physical activity (cognitive restructuring) Fun physical activities
  Stress management: Awareness mindfulness exercise  
10 CST: Understanding barriers to healthy choices, physical activity, and getting enough sleep (problem-solving) Heart-healthy lottery; Tips for getting enough sleep
  Stress management: Breathing techniques  
11 CST: Motivating yourself in a positive manner and getting back on track after a relapse (assertiveness training) Tips on how to motivate yourself to be physically active daily
  Stress management: Music/dance therapy  
12 CST: Working through conflict (conflict resolution) Lightweights and stretch bands for home use
  Stress management: Mindful walking  
PHASE II: Three monthly sessions to problem-solve and continued support
PHASE III: Six months of maintenance on own
  1. Note: ILS Interactive learning session, CST Coping skills training