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Table 1 Specification of Family Spirit implementation strategy

From: Precision Family Spirit: a pilot randomized implementation trial of a precision home visiting approach with families in Michigan—trial rationale and study protocol

Domain Strategy: modularization of an EBT
Actor(s) Program development team; Implementers
Action(s) Generate appropriate lesson pathways; implement these using an electronic support platform (Care4)
Target(s) of the action Home visitors implementing Family Spirit; Clients receiving Family Spirit
Temporality During the entire delivery of the program
Dose Continuous
Implementation outcomes affected Penetration (engagement and retention) among eligible clients; Adherence to the active prescribed ingredients of Family Spirit
Justification Research suggests that retention is low in home visiting programs and tailoring of the program improves engagement and retention.
  1. Note: Guidelines for specification of the Family Spirit implementation strategy from Proctor et al. (2013)