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Table 1 Study assessment

From: Impact of a multimedia website with patient experiences of multiple sclerosis (PExMS) on immunotherapy decision-making: study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial in a mixed-methods design

  Study period
Enrolment Pre-study baseline/allocation Study/post-allocation
Timepoint −t1 0 t1 t2
Eligibility screen X    
Informed consent X    
Randomisation   X   
Sociodemographic data and MS-related data   X   
PDDS   X   
HADS   X X  
DSES   X X  
PrepDM    X  
MMIC   X X  
SURE   X X  
CPS   X X  
PAM 13-D   X X  
Affective forecasting   X X  
Social support    X  
Stage of decision making   X   
eHIQ-Part 1   X   
eHIQ-Part 2    X  
Patient treatment decision/Uptake     X
  1. t1 after 4 weeks usage of intervention or comparator website(s), t2 after physician encounter