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Table 1 A short overview of the Dutch dietary guidelines for adults

From: An exploration of perceptions and preferences for healthy eating in Dutch consumers: a qualitative pilot study

Food group Recommended daily amountsa
1. Vegetables and fruit 250 g of vegetables
200 g of fruit
2. Spreading and cooking fatsa 35–65 g
3. Dairy, nuts, fish, legumes, meat, and eggsa 1 portion of fishb/meat/legumes/eggs
15–25 g of unsalted nuts
2–4 portions of dairy products
4. Bread, grain/cereal products, and potatoesa 3–8 slices of whole-grain bread
3–6 serving spoons of whole-grain products or 3–6 potatoes
5. Drinks 1.5–2 l of drinks without sugar
  1. More detail regarding the Dutch dietary guidelines can be found elsewhere [6, 7]
  2. aThe numbers are dependent on age and sex
  3. bIt is advised to consume fish once a week