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Table 4 Schedule for measurement, testing and assessment at baseline and follow-up assessment

From: Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle After Bowel Cancer (HEAL ABC): feasibility randomised controlled trial protocol

Measure/assessment Method of assessment Prior baseline Baseline Post intervention 3 months Follow-up 6 months
Enrolment - x x x
Eligibility screen - x x x
Informed consent - x x x
Allocation - x x x
Participants’ characteristics Sociodemographic questionnaire x x x
Patients’ medical history Medical records x x x
Anthropometry Scale, tape measure, stadiometer x
Body composition BIA, CT scans analysis x
Dietary assessment 3-day food diary, 24 dietary recall x
Physical activity level GPAQ Questionnaire x
Step count Pedometer x
Behaviour/motivation HAPA questionnaire x
Participant’s experience In-depth interviews x x
Quality of life SF-12 questionnaire x
Participants’ contact with healthcare services Healthcare Resource Use Questionnaire x x x
Morbidities, mortality Medical records x x x
  1. BIA bio-impedance analysis, CT computer tomography, GPAQ Global Physical Activity Questionnaire, SF-12 Short form 12 quality of life