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Table 4 Excerpts from recruitment consultations: recruiter responses to patient treatment preferences

From: Optimising recruitment to the HAND-1 RCT feasibility study: integration of the QuinteT Recruitment Intervention (QRI)

Example consultation 1 (surgeon C, centre 1):
Patient 16: “I think I’d like to have, would prefer to have, limited fasciectomy.”
Surgeon C: “No, that’s absolutely fine”
Example consultation 2 (surgeon B, centre 2):
Patient 6: [referring to LF surgery] “When I look at all this scarring and everything, I think it looks really ugly…. And the fact is that it [Dupuytren’s contracture] will come back anyway.”
Surgeon B: “Yes.”
Patient 6: “I think probably I would prefer the needle….”
Surgeon B: “Okay”