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Table 3 Extracts from interviews: recruiters’ intended response to voiced preferences

From: Optimising recruitment to the HAND-1 RCT feasibility study: integration of the QuinteT Recruitment Intervention (QRI)

Example 1:
Surgeon A (centre 3, interview): “So, obviously if they have already decided then fine, they’ll [get it]. We respect their decision…”
Example 2:
Interviewer: “What do you plan to do if a patient does decline [because of a preference]?”
Surgeon B (centre 2, interview): “Offer them the treatment of their choice.”
Example 3:
Interviewer: “Why do you think patients might decline to take part in the trial?”
Surgeon C (centre 1, interview): “Because of a preference…There are many reasons [why], and I think you’ve just got to accept some people will have views as to what suits them better”
Interviewer: “What will you do if a patient does decide to decline to take part?”
Surgeon C (centre 1, interview): “That’s fine. They will be asked which treatment they want to have…Then on the NHS they’ll have the treatment they wish…”