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Table 2 Extracts from interviews: recruiters’ perception of patient equipoise

From: Optimising recruitment to the HAND-1 RCT feasibility study: integration of the QuinteT Recruitment Intervention (QRI)

Example 1:
Surgeon C (centre 1, interview): “[Patients] will have strong preferences for one or the other operation…one has a quicker recovery but is more likely not to straighten the finger fully and have to be repeated, some people will say, ‘…As long as it can be repeated, I’m happy.’ Others say, ‘…I want a once-and-for-all, if possible, treatment,’ and go for the bigger one.”
Example 2:
Surgeon B (centre 2, interview): “I get a lot of musicians…rock climbers…people like electricians, self-employed who are having trouble with their job, but can’t take six weeks off work with LF…So it may be that actually, equipoise is not possible because patient choice will determine LF so critically.”