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Table 3 Complete list of assessment measures

From: A pilot study examining the use of Goal Management Training in individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Neuropsychological assessment
 California Verbal Learning Test–Second Edition
 Stroop Task
 Tower of London
 Conners’ Continuous Performance Task – Second Edition
 Wechsler Test of Adult Reading (baseline only)
Functional outcome measures
 Sheehan Disability Scale
 Illness Intrusiveness Rating Scale
 WHO Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (36-item self-report)
Subjective cognition measures
 Memory and Cognitive Confidence Scale
 Cognitive Failures Questionnaire
 Dysexecutive Questionnaire
Symptom measures
 Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale
 Depression Anxiety and Stress Scales 21-item