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Table 4 Provider feedback to overall program experience

From: Evaluation of a clinical pharmacist team-based telehealth intervention in a rural clinic setting: a pilot study of feasibility, organizational perceptions, and return on investment

Provider experience comments
“Pharmacists did reminder calls for labs and needing to schedule appointments.”
“Minimum of 30 minutes spent on each prior authorization, sometimes up to an hour.”
“Would allow me to see more patients since pharmacist would collect information prior to the clinic visit.”
“Helped improve the care of my patients by following up with them before clinic visits.”
“Liked having them watch out for drug interactions and renal dosing adjustments.”
“Med errors are often reason for hospital or ED visit. Working with pharmacists helps prevent that.”
“Would prefer pharmacists document directly into EMR.”
“Figure out what could be billed through insurance so patients can keep using the service.”
“Pharmacists tailored service for patient’s needs.”