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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Combining cognitive stimulation therapy and fall prevention exercise (CogEx) in older adults with mild to moderate dementia: a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Inclusion criteria 1. Aged 65 years or older
2. Living in their own home or in residential aged care
3. A diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia
4. Mobile with or without an assistive device
5. A MoCA score between 15–26 out of 30
6. Able to have a meaningful conversation
7. Able to hear well enough to take part in small group discussion
8. Able to see well enough to see pictures
9. Likely to remain in a group for 1-h
Exclusion criteria 1. A recent significant medical illness
2. Unable to participate due to severe visual or hearing impairment
3. Wheelchair/bed bound or unable to walk
4. Receiving terminal or palliative care.
  1. MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment (0–30, a higher score = better cognition)