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Table 3 Description of the online SilverCloud content including description of the core modules and additional available tools

From: Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy programme as an intervention for people diagnosed with adult-onset, focal, isolated, idiopathic cervical dystonia: a feasibility study protocol

Main module content Title Description of content
Module 1 Welcome to Silver Cloud An introduction to the programme and how to make the most of the available resources.
Module 2 Getting Started Demonstrates the basics of CBT and depression and anxiety. Introduces some of the key ideas of the programme.
Module 3 Understanding Feelings This module takes a closer look at moods and emotions enabling the participant to explore different aspects of emotions, physical reactions and to see how they’re connected.
Module 4 Boosting Behaviour Addresses how doing things a little differently can help to improve mood.
Module 5 Spotting Thoughts Looks at the impact of unhelpful automatic thinking in relation to mood. Additional help to tune into thoughts and recognise any common thinking errors.
Module 6 Challenging Thoughts This module takes the next step in helping to tackle distorted or overly negative thinking patterns that may impact mood.
Module 7 Managing Worry Introduces the role of worry in anxiety, teaching techniques in how to cope with and manage worry more effectively.
Module 8 Bringing it all Together Brings together all of the skills developed, and ideas gathered so far.
Additional tools   
Personal Journal Allows participants to document entries relating to their experiences in relation to the modules.
‘Understanding my situation’ Opportunity to reflect on current difficulties and their potential causes, as well as individual responses to feeling worried or low.
‘Mood Monitor’ Opportunity to provide daily documentation of mood (Bad. Not ok, Ok, Good, Great) and the lifestyle choices made in response
Goal Setting Opportunity to set and document individual goals
  1. CBT cognitive behavioural therapy