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Table 1 Trial phases, feasibility outcomes, and data sources

From: Early clinical management of severe burn patients using telemedicine: a pilot study protocol

Phase Feasibility outcomes Data sources
Technical feasibility (participation of 1 referring hospital) Technical glitches, bugs, or problems Observation of simulated teleconsultation sessions
Interviews with referring physicians at one hospital and medical specialists at the burn center
Organizational and human feasibility (participation of 4 referring hospitals) Organizational and human challenges (e.g., alignment of telemedicine with work practices; acceptability of telemedicine to physicians) Transcripts of all discussions during the teleconsultation sessions
Follow-up interviews with referring physicians and medical specialists
Preliminary assessment of potential value (participation of 10 referring hospitals) Perceived benefits (clinical outcomes, quality of discussions, and knowledge transfer) Structured interviews with referring physicians and medical specialists
Clinical outcomes: time to transfer; ventilation procedures; patient complications; mortality; length of ICU stay; and additional surgical procedures. SIRTQ database and EHR systems
Economic viability Burn center’s budget. Quebec health insurance plan (RAMQ)