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Table 2 Patient-centred outcome measures and timepoints when administered

From: A web-based educational intervention to implement trauma-informed care in a paediatric healthcare setting: protocol for a feasibility study using pre-post mixed methods design

Area of focus Completed by Outcome measure Study period (control and intervention)
  HP C YP   Baseline 3-months 6-months
Pain and itch (primary outcome) X    The Face, Legs, Arms, Cry, Consolability (FLACC) [39, 40] X X  
  X X Numeric Rating Scale [41] X X  
Distress (primary outcome)   X   Pediatric Emotional Distress Scale – Early Screenera [42] X X X
   X Child Traumatic Stress Questionnaireb [43] X X X
Stress   X   Perceived Stress Scale [44] X X X
Satisfaction with treatment   X X Numeric Rating Scale (0 to 10) X X X
Health-related quality of life   X X Brisbane Burn Scar Impact Profile [45,46,47]   X X
  X X EuroQol-5D-Yc [48, 49] X X X
  X X CHU-9Dd [49, 50] X X X
  1. HP health professional, C caregiver, YP young person aged over 8 years (unless otherwise indicated)
  2. a For children below 6 years
  3. b For children aged 7 years and older c Administered to caregivers of children 3 years and older  dAdministered to caregivers of children 2 years and older