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Table 3 SHEPP for teachers and parents

From: School health education program in Pakistan (SHEPP)—a threefold health education feasibility trial in schoolchildren from a lower-middle-income country

TopicsSubtopicsTime duration
1. The heart attack!What does the heart do and how?
Understand how blockage occurs in coronary arteries and why you should care.
What is heart attack or disease?
Risk factors for CAD
30 min
2.What is healthy dietWhat is meant by a healthy diet?
My food plates
Daily calorie requirement
Hints for healthy eating
30 min
3.Keep moving and stay activeWhy moving and staying active is important?
Sitting and using mobile phones/computer/watching TV is bad
What are the recommendations and how to move?
30 min
4. Why smoking, “gutka, shisha and chaalia” is badWhy smoking is harmful?
Shisha, gutka, and chalia
Ways to quit smoking
30 min
5. Wash your hands always!Proper hand hygiene
Dental hygiene
30 min
6. Stay calm, stay away from anger and stressAnger and stress
How to be less stressed and less angry
30 min