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Table 2 SHEPP healthy heart teaching

From: School health education program in Pakistan (SHEPP)—a threefold health education feasibility trial in schoolchildren from a lower-middle-income country

Session 1A happy heart; what makes heart happy and what makes it sadWhat is the heart?
Why is it important?
What is good for the heart?
What is bad for the heart?
Feeling of heart by hand
Counting pulse of each other
Checking pulse after spot jogging
Ask them to pick pictures that are good for heart and bad for heart
Session 2The smart dietWhat is smart and healthy diet?
My food plate
Pictures of food items given to children and they were asked to pick the healthy ones
Session 3Keep movingWhy physical activity is good?
Why using tablet/watching TV for long is bad?
How to keep moving?
Ask them to jog, and how they feel (happy or sad)
Speak up on watching TV or watching tablet
Session 4Smoking cigarette or chewing “gutka” is bad for healthWhy smoking cigarette is bad?
What is second-hand smoking? Is it harmful?
Ask all students to write 2 harmful effects of smoking
Session 5Stay clean, stay healthyWhy do hand washing?
Why brushing teeth is important?
Perform and demonstrate in front of class correct way of washing hands and brushing teeth
Session 6Pax good behavior gameMake children learn good class behaviors
Make note of not so good class behaviors
Not point out any child on bad behavior
Only point teams
Appreciate with Pax action prize
Playing Pax behavior game