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Table 1 SHEPP-physical activity sessions

From: School health education program in Pakistan (SHEPP)—a threefold health education feasibility trial in schoolchildren from a lower-middle-income country

 Structured exerciseGames
Duration10-15 min15-20 min
Level I (basic)  
 Session 1YogaBall with music or pass the ball
 Session 2Warm-up joggingRace with ball
 Session 3Run and jumpThrowing stations
 Session 4Let us warm-upObstacle race
 Session 5Hopping raceTrees and squirrels
 Session 6Partner raceCouch potato tag
Level II (advanced)  
 Session 1Warm-up jogging
Animal actions
Relay race
 Session 2Warm-up jogging
Move and freeze
Lemon and spoon race
 Session 3Warm-up joggingHide and seek
 Session 4Warm-up jogging, aerobicsRunning and catching (Pakram Pakrai)
 Session 5Warm-up joggingStar war throwing game
 Session 6Warm-up joggingHopping race