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Table 6 Example quotations

From: Increasing uptake of structured self-management education programmes for type 2 diabetes in a primary care setting: a feasibility study

AIt has been massively beneficial from a personal point of view in terms of helping us get things [monitoring and referral strategies] in place that will hopefully, help longer term. It’s also helped us as an organisation think about things that perhaps we’ve not considered before like working a bit more up closely with Pharmacies and so forth. (Educator Lead)
BThere is a read code that comes in so we can capture the people that have been [to SSME] but really what we want to capture more is the people that have not… And not the ones who have cancelled their appointment, but the ones who didn’t bother to make one even in the first place. (Practice Manager)
CI have seen plenty of patients walking out with them in various languages and I think sometimes, it is surprising that somebody might have had diabetes for the last 10 years but never really had a good conversation about it. I have had at least one consultation where somebody had read the leaflet and actually, it prompted him or her [patient] to re-engage. I have seen it as a positive thing. (Practice Nurse)
DWe’ve never done anything for World Diabetes Day, Diabetes Awareness anything like that before. Obviously having done several diabetes trials and working with [The Embedder] this year as well, we decided that we would promote it and try and raise awareness. (Practice Nurse)