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Table 5 App use during the 6-week study period for the 51 participants enrolled in the study

From: A digital decision support system (selfBACK) for improved self-management of low back pain: a pilot study with 6-week follow-up

  Mean (range)
Time spent in app (minutes) 134 (0 to 889)
Total no. of visits 65 (1 to 188)
No. of days visiting the app 22 (1 to 47)*
No. of visits pr. day on days the app was visited 3 (1 to 5)
No. of self-management plans created 4 (0 to 8)
  1. *The maximum possible number of days visiting the app was 47, which is above the 42 days of the intervention. Users were sent the invitation to complete the 6-week follow-up questionnaire after 6 weeks but may be delayed in answering the questionnaire. This results in more days to use the app than the given 6 weeks.