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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: A digital decision support system (selfBACK) for improved self-management of low back pain: a pilot study with 6-week follow-up

Inclusion criteria
• Danish or Norwegian adults over 18 years of age
• LBP of any duration, who have sought care for their LBP within the  past 8 weeks from primary care (primary care defined as general  practice, physiotherapy, chiropractic serving, or a specialized  outpatient hospital facility [Denmark])
• Mild-to-severe disability due to LBP
• Own and regularly use a smartphone with internet access
• Have a working email address and access to a computer with  internet access
Exclusion criteria
• Unable to speak, read or understand the national language (Danish/ Norwegian)
• Cognitive impairments or learning disabilities limiting participation
• Serious mental illness
• Physical illnesses or conditions limiting participation
• Terminal illness
• Inability to take part in exercise/physical activity
• Fibromyalgia diagnosed by a health care professional
• Pregnancy
• Previous back surgery
  1. LBP low back pain