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Table 1 Indicators of feasibility

From: A guided participation nursing intervention to theraupeutic positioning and care (GP_Posit) for mothers of preterm infants: protocol of a pilot randomized controlled trial

Elements Question Indicators
Feasibility of GP_Posit
Equipment and material resources Was a computer or electronic tablet available when needed during the intervention? Availability of computer or tablet.
Were positioning tools available when needed during the intervention? Availability of positioning tools.
Is it feasible to provide mothers with an information booklet? Number of mothers to which document was given.
Context Is it feasible to provide GP_Posit in the individual NICU rooms? Disruptive events.
Recruitment Is it feasible to reach the target population? Eligible mothers/participating mothers.
Mothers receiving the intervention Is the intervention appropriate for mothers of preterm infants? Mother acknowledges that it is acceptable, helpful, and relevant to participate in the intervention.
Content of the interventions It is feasible to go through the entire planned content of GP_Posit with the mothers? Content delivered as planned.
Is all the necessary content already planned in GP_Posit? Suggestions made by mothers regarding content.
Is the content of the intervention acceptable for mothers? Mother’s ratings regarding acceptability of the intervention.
Sequence of the intervention Is the planned sequence of GP_Posit feasible and adequate? Respect of the intervention sequence by intervention nurses.
Dose of the intervention Is the planned dose of GP_Posit feasible? Respect of the intervention dose by intervention nurses.
Is the planned dose of GP_Posit appropriate? Preferences of mothers in terms of the dose delivered.
Mode of intervention Is guided participation feasible? Intervention nurses’ opinion regarding feasibility.
Is the utilization of online modules feasible? Utilization of online modules as planned.
Feasibility of the design
Recruitment What is the number of dyads that were recruited compared to the number of dyads that were evaluated for eligibility? Number of recruited mothers/mothers evaluated for eligibility.
What are the characteristics of participating dyads? Sociodemographic data.
How much time is needed to reach sample size? Time needed to reach sample size.
Randomization Is the method of randomization feasible? Number of non-eligible participants randomized.
Measure methods Feasible to use EEG to measure neurodevelopment? Number of EEGs performed.
Data collection Is it feasible to perform data collection as planned? % of data collection performed as planned.
Retention Are we able to retain all dyads throughout the study? Number of lost to follow-up and reason.
Contamination Is there a risk of contamination? % of mothers that were exposed to the content of the intervention.