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Table 1 Intervention components of the parent trials and adapted interventions

From: Body, Soul and Spirit, an adaptation of two evidence-based interventions to promote physical activity and healthy eating among adults in churches in Lagos Nigeria: a three-arm cluster randomized controlled pilot trial

 Parent TrialAdapted Intervention 
Intervention ComponentBody and SoulHealthy Body Healthy SpiritBSS (Arm 1)BSS plus (Arm 2)Control (Arm 3)
A cookbook with healthy eating recipes, cooking techniques, storage tips for fruits and vegetables (F&V), and health benefits of lowering fat/increasing F&V intake 
An exercise manual with biblical themes and scripture woven throughout  
A workout audio CD containing local gospel music with biblical quotes and brief sound bites of pastor sermons spliced between songs  
Public screenings of “Forgotten Miracles,” a video that targets fruit and vegetable intake using both spiritual and secular motivational messages 
Constitution of a project coordination committee 
Conduct at least one health event*  
Motivational interviewing phone calls delivered to participants by trained volunteer peer counselors 
Churches will agree to implement at least one policy change#  
Faith-based text messages    
Distribution of information leaflets promoting physical activity and healthy food consumption  
  1. *Examples of some of the events included in the parent trials were serving fruit and vegetables during the kick-off event, after church services, or at other church programs; sponsoring food demonstrations or taste tests; organizing tours of food markets for parishioners; inviting guest speakers; and having priest sermons related to health
  2. #Potential policy changes include establishing guidelines for the types of foods served at church functions, changing snacks served at youth camps, or creating a food pantry