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Table 1 Example of table of iterative changes made to patient leaflet

From: Patient engagement with antibiotic messaging in secondary care: a qualitative feasibility study of the ‘review and revise’ experience

Page or aspect of the interventionPositive commentsNegative commentsPossible changeReason for changeAgreed changeMoSCoW
Section titled: ‘What are the risks of taking antibiotics?’ Confusion over how antibiotic resistant bacteria can be spread to others, e.g. ‘I didn’t realise that antibiotic resistance can spread to other members of the family. I’m not quite sure what it means.’Explanation of spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria to others made clearer.Important to behaviour change as we do not want to confuse or concern patients. Expert clinicians and health psychologists agreed the change was suitable. Repeatedly mentioned by participants.Changed bolded text to reduce any concerns and clarified text about passing on resistance to others.Must have, crucial to ensure patients accurately understand the risks of antibiotics.