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Table 6 Quotes supporting the qualitative findings

From: A randomised feasibility study assessing an intervention to keep adults physically active after falls management exercise programmes end

Acceptability of completing the diaries
“Well there were odd days obviously when I was out, but it got done on a daily basis it never got left until the next day” PT03_Female, 69_site 1
“The big thing I found the most helpful was the physical activity diaries, because you could take a look at the end of the week, it felt good that I had done better last week than the week before...” PT03_Female, 69_site 1
“I thought it was a bit of a pain filling in you know the sort of diary” PT02_Female, 76_site 1
“Oh yes, I will continue the book because like I say I think it focuses your mind on how many steps you’re doing and exactly what you’re doing or not doing.” PT08_Female, 67_site 3
“The only disadvantage is one doesn’t like filling in forms but that was really all.” PT12_Male, 85_site 4
Acceptability of the participant manuals
“The manual was very good, very instructive” PT02_Female, 76_site 1
“I found it useful that we got the exercise programme printed out for us, and when you come to do your exercises at home then you have got something to remind you” PT10_Female, 79_ site 3
“It seemed over complicated... but to have it simplified we thought.” PT11_Male, 73_site 4
Acceptability of the intervention duration, frequency and timings
“I think a month is about right, weekly but weekly would be a chore” PT07_Female, 84_site 3
“They finish at 1, you sort of want to get back to have a meal really …” PT01_Male, 82_site 1
Satisfaction with the venues and PSIs
“Well I think it is a good facility, you know everything is there that you need. The space, it is clean, there is toilets, coffee and nice people … just everything about it is just right.” PT11_Male, 73_site 4
“Well you have got a very good instructor, I think he did a good job... if you came up with a problem, he suggested how you could get around it.” PT01_Male, 82_site 1
Social benefits
“Being a group. Yes. And the fact that we see one person is doing something, and if another one is ill and can’t do it, we are there encouraging them that they are doing the best they are able to within their abilities. So, they don’t feel that they are not achieving anything because we are encouraging them.” PT07_Female, 83_site 3
“Because one of the important features of those classes was the social interaction with other people.” PT12_Male, 85_site 4