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Table 8 Micro-costing of NF procedure

From: A randomised feasibility trial comparing needle fasciotomy with limited fasciectomy treatment for Dupuytren’s contractures

Needle fasciotomy (18-minute procedure)
Staffing costs
 Procedure room nurse—band 5£4.65
 Consultant surgeon£39.38
 Registrar (in 45% of cases)£4.00
Consumable costs
 2-ml syringe£0.63
 23-gauge (blue)hypodermic needle£0.56
 25-gauge (orange) hypodermic needle£0.56
 21-gauge (green) hypodermic needle£0.56
 Dressing pack£0.31
 Sterile drapes£0.32
 Alcoholic chlorhexidine£14.10
 5 ml 1% lidocaine£16.10
 Non-sterile clinic room blue gloves£0.06
Overhead cost (@30%)£25.54
Total cost£110.66