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Table 7 Micro-costing of LF procedure

From: A randomised feasibility trial comparing needle fasciotomy with limited fasciectomy treatment for Dupuytren’s contractures

Limited fasciectomy (88-minute procedure)
Staffing costs
 Consultant anaesthesiologist£192.50
 Operating Department Assistant£24.13
 Theatre (scrub) nurses (×2)£45.46
 Theatre (runner) nurse£26.82
 Theatre auxiliary£14.58
 Consultant surgeon£192.50
 Registrar (in 45% of cases)£19.56
Consumable costs
 Tourniquet (disposable cuff)£9.90
 Eschmark exsanguination bandage£1.68
 Disposable light handles£0.42
 Scalpel blades£2.32
 4-0 vicryl rapide suture (2 packets)£3.80
 3-inch plaster wool£3.54
 50 cm 3-inch plaster£1.94
 Elastoplast 15 cm£1.09
 Bradford sling£14.53
Reusable equipment*
 Lead hand and 5 elastic bands (reusable)£4.43
 Black handled scissors£4.43
 Orthopaedic tray£33.24
Overhead cost (@30%)£179.27
Total cost£776.85
  1. * As these items are re-used frequently we assumed that the capital cost per patient was negligible. These costs reflect the washing and sterilisation costs between procedures