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Table 6 Organisational forms for teaching the 14 LiFE activities in gLiFE

From: Development of a conceptual framework for a group-based format of the Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (gLiFE) programme and its initial feasibility testing

  Circle of chairs Semi-circle of chairs Semi-double-circle of chairs Row (of chairs)
Session 1
 Tandem stand X X   
 Tandem walk X    
 Sit to stand   X X  
 Squatting   X X  
Session 2
 Leaning     X
 Standing/walking on toes X    X
Session 3
 Stepping over objects X    
 Standing/walking on heels X    X
Session 4
 Climbing stairs     X
Session 5
 One-leg stand X X   
 Tighten muscles X X   
Session 6
 Move sideways X