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Table 4 Quantitative results of the feasibility study (N = 6)

From: Development of a conceptual framework for a group-based format of the Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (gLiFE) programme and its initial feasibility testing

gLiFE componentItemMedian (IQR)Range
SafetyDid you feel safe in the group while doing the LiFE activities?7.0 (0.3)1 (very unsafe) to 7 (very safe)
 Implemented activities (#) 9.5 (4.0)0 (none) to 14 (all)
 Freq. of perf. (days/week) 5.2 (2.1)0 (never) to 7 (daily)
 Overall gradeOverall, what grade would you give gLiFE?1.0 (1.0)1 (very good) to 6 (insufficient)
 Helpfulness to increase:Do you feel that the activities are useful to improve your balance, strength or physical activity? 1 (very useless) to 7 (very useful)
 Balance6.5 (1.0)
 Strength6.5 (1.0)
 Physical activity6.0 (0.8)
 Difficulty of upgradingHow easy or difficult was it for you to adapt the LiFE activities to your own training progress?5.5 (1.3)1 (very difficult) to 7 (very easy)
 Integration into daily lifeHow easy or difficult was it for you to integrate the LiFE activities into your daily life?5.5 (2.3)1 (very difficult) to 7 (very easy)
  1. Freq. of perf. Frequency of performance