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Table 2 Exploratory self-reported measures on behaviour change (N = 6)

From: Development of a conceptual framework for a group-based format of the Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (gLiFE) programme and its initial feasibility testing

Construct (number of items)Items (example)T1 median (IQR)T2 median (IQR)
Intention (2)I intend to live an active lifestyle.6.0 (0.1)6.0 (0.3)
Self-determined exercise motivation (24)I exercise because it’s fun.3.5 (1.4)4.0 (0.6)
Action and coping planning (4)During the last week, I have made a detailed plan regarding the situations in which to perform the LiFE activities.4.5 (1.9)5.0 (1.4)
Action control (2)During the last week, I watched carefully to perform the LiFE activities as I planned to.4.3 (1.4)3.0 (0.5)
Habit strength (4)The LiFE activities are something I do automatically.3.4 (1.3)4.5 (2.0)
  1. Response format: Intention, action and coping planning, action control and habit strength were assessed on a 6-point Likert scale (1 “completely disagree” to 6 “totally agree”) and self-determined exercise motivation was assessed on a 5-point Likert scale (0 “does not apply to me at all” to 4 “totally applies to me”). T1 was assessed before gLiFE intervention, T2 was assessed post intervention