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Table 4 HEET team feedback—summarized themes, categorized by topic areas

From: A single-site pilot implementation of a novel trauma training program for prehospital providers in a resource-limited setting

Topic areaPositive/rewardsNegative/challenges
Priority no. 1. Facilitator: SelectionBroad range of qualifications (ILS & ALS).
Facilitators were well-motivated.
Junior ranks training more senior ranks.
No advanced advertising to facilitators.
Lack of paramedic buy in/support.
New employees included as facilitators.
Priority no. 2. Program OwnershipReasonable collaboration between CQI, HRD, operations, and communications.Ambulance base management was not formally embedded into the program.
No direct oversight by base managers.
Priority no. 3. Facilitator: TrainingCovered content well.Not enough time for training/mastery.
Did not “upskill” on facilitation.
Priority no. 4. Program Content and MaterialsContent was clinically and locally applicable.
Repetition of core concepts was good.
Current/evidence-based guidelines.
Training was quality-driven from start.
Content was narrow/focused – can add more content as needed (e.g., airway).
1 training material not available (tourniquets).
Concern for facilitator burnout.
Priority no. 5. Program Structure: FormatGood for learning.
Provides on-going instruction.
TruShoC program felt short for learners.
Possibly too many training modules.
Priority no. 6. Program Structure: LogisticsOn-shift is good timing.
Able to collect all documentation.
Need feedback loop to facilitators.
Unsustainable on a large scale?