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Table 3 Facilitator feedback—summarized themes, categorized by topic areas

From: A single-site pilot implementation of a novel trauma training program for prehospital providers in a resource-limited setting

Topic areaPositive/rewardsNegative/challenges
On being a facilitatorEnjoyed teaching.
Well organized.
Initially intimidating, but them comfortable.
Elevated my status – I got respect.
Educationally useful… for me and learners.
Promoted community-building.
Inadequate protected time from operations
Initially participants dragging heels and we needed effort to motivate them.
Inadequate support from base managers.
Teaching was a bit tiring.
Catchup weeks challenging.
Facilitators’ training and preparationContent I imparted was informative.
Our training was solid.
I was prepared to deliver content.
Had to prepare beyond our trainings.
Needed 1–2 more days for our training.
Was difficult to get thru material on time.
Comments on training content, materials, and formatGood/informative content.
Skills practice was good and enjoyable.
Participants enjoyed the trainings
Good during shift, no off-days training.
Stick figure/diagram of each case was very helpful for learners.
Number of modules was okay.
Need a short handout for learners.
Need laminated guides for facilitators.
Need 5–10 min more for training sessions.
15 min not enough time for Q&A/discussion
A bit too much repetition.
Evaluation forms and training materials was a lot to juggle.
Supervision from HEET team and base managersThey were generally supportive.
HEET Team always checking up on us.
The HEET team were easy to interact with.
I could ask for help or feedback, if needed.
Need more help working with managers.
One manager not very accommodating.
Shift managers should be formally part of the program.
HEET compared with traditional training format.Good not to have to come in on off days.
Good to train in short intervals, each shift.
Nice to mix knowledge and skills.
Cases were very relevant to what we see.
Helps me to maintain my national certificate.
Good not to sit in class all day.
Wears out the facilitators.
Training ALS colleagues is intimidating.
ALS does not learn as much as lower ranks.
Operational demands a bit distracting.