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Table 2 Learner feedback—summarized themes, categorized by topic areas

From: A single-site pilot implementation of a novel trauma training program for prehospital providers in a resource-limited setting

Topic areaPositive/rewardsNegative/challenges
ContentRelevant to patient care.
Important to what we do.
Transport to trauma centers challenging.
Scene time < 10 min is challenging.
FormatEnjoy colleagues training us.
Enjoy in back of ambulances.
Would like more learners in ambulance.
Need opportunity for open discussions.
TimingLike it at start of (during) shift.
Like the short and repeating intervals.
Need more time; 15 min too short.
Difficult to train and get on road quickly.
FacilitatorsDid a very good job.
Brought out all the important points.
Junior medics training senior medics.
OverallVery happy. Want more.
Practical to apply training concepts.
Need more warning of program.
Need base management involved.