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Table 3 Characteristics of participating schools

From: A feasibility study of ‘The StepSmart Challenge’ to promote physical activity in adolescents

 Intervention or controlFree school meal eligibility (%)Single-sex or co-educational schoolTotal Year 9 pupils in school (n)Potential participants invited (n)Participants at baseline (n)Participants retained at 52 weeks (n)
School AControlLower SES (63.7)Single sex (male)43403635
School BHigher SES (7.2)Co-educational2544846 (25 females)45
School CInterventionHigher SES (8.0)Single sex (male)160484844
School DLower SES (56.5)Single sex (female)68504946
School ELower SES (54.6)Single sex (female)151504545
Total  236224 (53.1% female)215