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Table 3 Modules within the education content of the app

From: Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of Changing Health for the management of prediabetes: protocol for a pilot study of a digital behavioural intervention

ModulePurposeVideos (V) + articles (A)Behaviour change techniques incorporated
Understanding diabetes• Explaining how type 2 diabetes affects the body
• Making clear which risk factors are modifiable
• Dispelling diabetes myths
• Making clear that change is possible
V1—What is type 2 diabetes
A1—What is prediabetes
A2—Risk factors for diabetes
A3—The role of your genes in diabetes risk
V2—Managing your risk of type 2 diabetes
A4—Understanding your test results
A5—Why do not all bigger people get type 2 diabetes
• Information about health consequences
Steps to success• Introducing the most important behaviour change techniques for risk modification
• Providing a framework for successful lifestyle change
• Introducing the concept of lifestyle coaching
• Providing motivation to continue with the learning programme in order to gain access to a lifestyle coach
V1—Maximising your chance of success
A1—Five essential tips to goal setting
A2—Using ‘self-talk’
A3—Getting started with coaching
• Goal setting (behaviour)
• Goal setting (outcome)
• Self-monitoring of outcomes of behaviour
• Action planning
• Social support (unspecified)
• Barrier identification
• Time management
• Self-talk
• Feedback on behaviour
• Review behaviour goals
• Follow-up prompts
Understanding food• Breaking down the food we eat into its component parts
• Explaining how each of those parts affects glucose control
A1—Eating to feel full
A2—Understanding fat in your diet
V1—How eating affects your weight
V2—Carbs in your diet
A3—How big is ‘a portion’?
A4—Top ten food myths
• Information about health consequences
Changing your diet• Overview of three eating approaches that have been proven to be effective for improving glucose control
• Interactive tools to support dietary change
V1—Finding the right diet for you
V2—Low carb approach
V3—Intermittent fasting
V4—Mediterranean diet
V5—Supermarket tour
A1—Using prompts and cues
A2—Recipe ideas for the low carb diet approach
A3—More about the low carb diet approach
A4—More about the Mediterranean diet
A5—More about intermittent fasting
• Information about health consequences
• Prompts/cues
Getting active• The role of physical activity in weight loss and glucose control
• Testing knowledge of activity recommendations
• Introducing types of activity most effective for weight loss and improved glucose control
V1—How our changing lifestyles contribute to weight gain
V2—Combining exercise and diet
A1—Why combining works best
A2—Aerobic and resistance fitness
A3—Could HIIT be the right fit?
A4—The benefits of resistance exercise
Plugin: Set an activity goal
• Self-monitoring of behaviour
• Information about health consequences
• Provide instruction