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Table 1 Patient eligibility criteria

From: Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of Changing Health for the management of prediabetes: protocol for a pilot study of a digital behavioural intervention

Inclusion criteria
 • Prediabetes based on primary care record of HbA1c 5.7–6.4% (39–47 mmol/mol) and/or FPG 5.6–6.9 mmol/L, in the past 12 months (see above for discrepancies between blood results)
 • No previous diagnosis of type 2 diabetes
 • Age ≥ 18–75 years
 • BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2
 • Weight stable for the past 6 months
 • Access to and able to use a smart mobile phone
 • Willing and able to provide written informed consent
 • Willing to undertake study activities
Exclusion criteria
 • Inability to speak or read English without the assistance of an interpreter
 • Contraindications to exercise determined during exercise screening
 • Contraindications to weight loss
 • Mental or physical incapacity which makes self-management inappropriate
 • Pregnancy, planning pregnancy, or lactating
 • Unable to meaningfully participate for the full duration of the study
 • Participated in an intervention research study within the last 6 months