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Table 2 Process and outcome metrics

From: Adapting and implementing Caring Contacts in a Department of Veterans Affairs emergency department: a pilot study protocol

Process/outcome metric Definition
Reach Number and % of veterans receiving CC per facility
Adoption Number and % of ED providers who identify patients as appropriate for CC per facility
Implementation fidelity Content of CC
Date sent and alignment with schedule
Responses to veteran replies consistent with protocol
Maintenance To be determined in the planning phase
Effectiveness: suicide-related behavior Self-directed violence rate
Injury rate
Fatality rate
Effectiveness: service utilization Outpatient mental health encounters
Outpatient health/other encounters
Emergency services for mental health
Inpatient services for mental health
Emergency services for health/other
Effectiveness: mental health SAIL metrics PMED1 (% of patients with a mental health diagnosis who have a mental health evaluation and management encounter)
HRF2 (% of patients with a new or reactivated high-risk flag (HRF) who received at least four mental health visits within 30 days of flag initiation)
Cost Cost of implementing CC
Cost of providing CC
Downstream healthcare utilization costs
Staff perspective Key informant interviews focused on staff perspective of CC
Veteran perspective Key informant interviews focused on veteran perspective of CC