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Table 1 Facilitation strategies and activities

From: Adapting and implementing Caring Contacts in a Department of Veterans Affairs emergency department: a pilot study protocol

Strategy Possible activities
Facilitate local change agent participation • Help CC staff engage their facility and impacted providers
• Encourage suicide prevention coordinators to champion CC
Conduct provider education • Conduct virtual site visits
• Provide briefings about CC to medical center management and/or VISN mental health leads to ensure they are aware of and supportive of CC
• Educate CC staff and providers on CC program components
• Direct CC staff and providers to resource materials
Facilitate stakeholder engagement • Engage regional and medical center managers directly through presentations about CC
• Incorporate process of implementation feedback into existing leadership meetings and information dissemination meetings
• Be available for consultation about the program to regional and local leadership as needed and as identified by local change agents
Facilitate performance monitoring and feedback • Create reports of CC staff and provider activity
• Present reports to CC staff and local leadership
Conduct formative evaluation • Help sites identify possible barriers and facilitators to implementation and address them
Facilitate program marketing • Support marketing activities