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Table 2 Documentation of evidence-based practices pre/post-intervention

From: Feasibility and usefulness of a leadership intervention to implement evidence-based falls prevention practices in residential care in Canada

Evidence-based practice identified for implementation Level of evidence* Pre-intervention (%) Post-intervention (%)
Provide client and family education IV 2 35
Identify and modify equipment/environment (i.e., mark optimal bed height on wall) Ia 0 4
Referral to physiotherapy for exercise plan Ib Unavailable 46
Develop toileting plan IV 2 4
Encourage adequate fluid intake# III 39 35
Encourage dietary fiber III 18 15
  1. *Higher levels of evidence suggest fewer sources of bias. For example, level Ia is evidence from systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials, whereas level IV is from non-experimental observational studies, such as descriptive and/or qualitative studies
  2. Registered Nurses of Ontario (2011) guideline: Prevention of Falls and Falls Injuries in the Older Adult [32]
  3. #Registered Nurses of Ontario (2011) guideline: Promoting Continence Using Prompted Voiding [33]
  4. Registered Nurses of Ontario (2011) guideline: Prevention of Constipation in the Older Adult Population [34]