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Table 2 Main themes with illustrative quotations from the exit interviews with 7 participants

From: Glycopyrrolate in comparison to hyoscine hydrobromide and placebo in the treatment of hypersalivation induced by clozapine (GOTHIC1): a feasibility study

Recruitment was well informed
 “I did have some questions about effectiveness and side effects but I was ok with the responses from the [clinic nurses]. It might have been better if you [the researcher] were in the room when I was first asked so you could answer my questions – I think it’s better to have someone there the first time people are asked about it.” [P13]
 “I felt like it was quite thorough.” [P25]
 “I was nervous at first and had some questions about side effects and the nurses did not really know but when I spoke to [the researcher], she was able to answer these and shewas reassuring that I did not have to take part and if I did I could stop whenever. But yeahI had to wait to speak [the researcher] and it would be better to have those questionsanswered there and then.” [P14]
 “Yeah I knew everything I needed to know.” [P06]
Trial procedures were acceptable
 “The cognitive test thing was fairly interesting to do – it was something different.” [P13]
 “The tests were fun in a way. 45 minutes is a long time but actually it was fun. I did not realise the time had gone by.” [P14]
 “I think it went really well. The meetings and phone calls were not too much.” [P23]
 “I think it went alright. I cannot see any improvement on it. I would not change anything.” [P23]