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Table 2 Secondary measures

From: Mindfulness intervention for foundation year doctors: a feasibility study

  Yes (%) No Illustrative quotations on the impact of the course
Feel more mindful 14 (100%) 0 ‘I enjoy day to day tasks more and appreciate things more’
‘Can focus on the task in hand’
‘Able to recognise when being mindful’
Improved overall wellbeing 14 (100%) 0 ‘Reduced my anxiety. Kinder to self’
‘The course helped me realise it’s okay to time out for self’
‘Feel happier’
‘Encouraged me to take time out of the day and check in with my own sense of wellbeing’
‘Relaxation techniques at home have really helped me switch off and sleep’
Positive impact on working life 12 (86%) 2 ‘I am more of a pleasure to work with’
‘Prioritise jobs better’
‘Can concentrate better’
‘I am less stressed by understanding when and why I am stressed, and stop negative cycle of stress and inefficiency’
‘Too early to have effect, but in the long term will have effects’
Positive effect on patient-doctor relationship 12 (86%) 2 ‘I am more mindful of what they are going through… less likely to react’
‘More understanding of difficult patients’
‘I think about how patients feel, and be kinder to self and them’
‘More compassionate, seeing from their perspective’
‘Be mindful of interactions with patients to improve their hospital stay’
‘The main issue with patients is time - this course not impacted that’
‘More patient’